The Gauntlet is located in the Delta Pavonis region of space, 19.92 light-years (6.11 parsecs) from Earth.


Eons ago a huge planet circling that star broke up into millions of shards, which now circle it for millions of miles in any direction. Only in one sector can spacecraft traverse this region without encountering a cloud of asteroids so dense that safe passage is nearly impossible. The sector is called 'The Gauntlet'.[1]

Earth Forces convoys transit The Gauntlet while transporting Helium-3 and other cargo vital to the war effort.

Military Operations in The GauntletEdit

The Chigs began attacking Earth convoys in The Gauntlet, appearing out of nowhere. 1LT Esau Harriman was deployed in the USS SARATOGA and given a forward reconnaissance mission to locate the Chigs and warn the convoys. He made one report to the SARATOGA and then went silent and was believed to be Killed in Action (KIA).[2]

Several weeks later the Wild Cards were assigned a similar recon mission in The Gauntlet. The Wild Cards found a secret Chig Base that had been established on an asteroid.[3]


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