The Tellus Colony was Earth's second attempt to colonize a planet.


The Tellus Mission was to colonize Tellus, a planet in the Epsilon Indi system. Funded by AeroTech Industries, the mission launched from the Frances R. Scobee Colonial Launch Center, Corpus Christi, Texas in 2063.[1] Just prior to mission launch the United States Senate issued a directive to the Tellus Board of Governors regarding affirmative action for In Vitroes.[2] The directive removed ten colonists and replaced them with ten In Vitroes for political reasons.

Tellus Mission membersEdit

Alien AttackEdit

Tellus Colony Ship under attack

Tellus Colony ship under attack.

After successfully transiting a wormhole to reach the planet, the colony ship had just completed its orbital insertion when it was attacked and destroyed by Chig fighters.[3]

Twenty five of the 250 crew were unaccounted for after the crash. Three were rescued on the planet, one colonist by a US Army Special Forces team led by CPT Joyner, and two colonists by Nathan West after he went AWOL from the USS SARATOGA in an attempt to find Kylen. West reported seeing others being herded into a Chig Mother Ship, among them was Kylen.[4]


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