Space: Above and Beyond 3
SAAB cover comic 2
Author Roy Thomas
Illustrator Ken Steacy
Yanick Paquette
Armando Gil
Publication date March 1, 1996
Published by Topps
Publication Order
Preceded by
Space: Above and Beyond 2
Followed by
Space: Above and Beyond - The Gauntlet 1

Space: Above and Beyond 3 is a comic book based on the television series created by Glen Morgan and James Wong.

Plot SummaryEdit

Whatever it Takes” - A comic book adaptation of the Pilot episode of Space: Above and Beyond. The Wild Cards deploy to the USS SARATOGA and engage the Chigs in the Battle of the Belt.

Main CharactersEdit


  • Roy Thomas


  • Cover Art by Ken Steacy
  • Art by Yanick Paquette and Armando Gil