Space: Above and Beyond (novel)
Space Above and Beyond novel cover
Author Peter Telep
Illustrator N/A
Publication date October 1995
Published by Harper Collins
ISBN 978-0061056505
Publication Order
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Followed by
Demolition Winter

Space: Above and Beyond is the novelization of the Pilot episode of the television series created by Glen Morgan and James Wong.

Plot SummaryEdit

A human colony 16 light-years away is attacked and destroyed by an unknown alien force while a group of youngsters enlist in the United States Marine Corps. While they train to become aviators, war is declared and human military forces suffer several costly defeats. The recruits are sent on a routine training mission.

Captured enemy information reveals the battle plans of the alien attackers. The half-trained 58th Squadron, The Wild Cards, based upon the space carrier USS SARATOGA is deployed to the far rear. However not everything is as it seems and the inexperienced 58th are suddenly thrown into a desperate battle.

Inconsistencies with Plot and StorylineEdit

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  • Peter Telep