LTC Tyrus Cassius "T.C." McQueen is a main character appearing in Season 1 of Space: Above and Beyond and the various tie-in books and comic books.

He is portrayed by actor James Morrison.


McQueen is an In Vitro born at the Anchorage, Alaska In Vitro Gestation Facility. Shortly after coming out of the tank he worked at the Uranium Mining Facility in the Omicron Draconis system as an indentured laborer.[1]. Later, after In Vitros were made to fight in the A.I. War, he was assigned as a munitions handler at the Port Riskin Ammunition Depot.[2] Towards the end of the war he was capatured by the Silicates and tortured for three days.[3] After the war, he married a "natural-born" woman, but lost her when she confessed she could not bear the prejudices against In Vitros. He joined the United States Marine Corps and, battling prejudice and bigotry, advanced through the ranks, becoming a "lifer," looking to the Corps as his family, all the while remaining a loner.

Angry angels

The 127th Angry Angels

McQueen was a member of the USMC 127th Squadron, The Angry Angels.

58th Squadron

58th Squadron insignia

After the 127th was decimated in the first major conflict of the Chig War, McQueen was assigned as the Commanding Officer of the 58th Squadron.[4]

The members of the 58th Squadron have great respect regarding his abilities and he also shows great care for them. He also has a close relationship with Cooper, because he is also an In Vitro.

Character MotivationEdit

McQueen is a leader, a man of great principle, honor, and courage. He is a complicated man, disciplined, direct, and well read, with a dry sense of humor.


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