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Dark Side of the Sun (novel)
Dark Side of the Sun cover.jpg
Author Dina Anastasio
Illustrator N/A
Publication date June 1996
Published by Harper Trophy
ISBN 978-0064406444
Publication Order
Preceded by
The Aliens Approach
Followed by
Mutiny (novel)

Dark Side of the Sun is the young adult novelization of The Dark Side of the Sun episode of the television series created by Glen Morgan and James Wong.

Plot Summary[]

The Wild Cards are sent to secure a major fuel ore mining facility, only to find it in the hands of enemy Silicates.

Inconsistencies with Plot and Storyline[]

  • The aliens are referred to as "Ticks" in the book instead of as "Chigs" as in the television series.
  • The television episode the mining platforms are numbered 1 and 2, while in this book they are lettered A and B.
  • In the television episode the Wild Cards sent on the security mission include 1LT Woodyat and 1LT Yeamon while in the book these two officers are replaced with 1LT Bennett and 1LT Gwynn.

Main Characters[]

Additional Characters[]


  • Dina Anastasio