Commodore Ross is a recurring character appearing in Season 1 of Space: Above and Beyond and the various tie-in books and comic books.

He is portrayed by actor Tucker Smallwood.


Commodore Glen Ross is a Flag Officer in the United States Navy and the commander of the USS SARATOGA. On the command deck, he is a straight-talking, take charge person who can't stand the sight of any Chigs "in his sky."

Ross is a family man who had to leave his wife and children behind in Louisiana. They remain close to his heart, as does the Mississippi River region of his home. Privately, he enjoys taking a quiet drink and playing the blues on a guitar he calls "Rosalyn."

Commodore Ross and guitar

The Commodore and his guitar

As for personal relationships on the SARATOGA, Ross claims without doubt that he considers McQueen one of his closest friends. They trust one another. In fact, Ross values McQueen so much that he usually denies McQueen permission to join in the fray. On one occasion, his trust in McQueen is such that he reluctantly lets the LT Colonel go out a sortie against an invincible enemy.[1] On another, he permits McQueen to go on a certain-death mission with his Wildcards. He even gives McQueen one of his guitar picks, claiming that taking the pick is like taking him along.[2]

Character MotivationEdit

A career serviceman, Ross knows the rules, but also knows when he has to push his own superiors to ensure the safety of his ship and crew. He commands the highest respect and only a few, such as McQueen know that his bark is often worse than his bite.


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