Colony Ships are used to support the colonization of planets in order to expand human settlements.


Built by AeroTech Industries, the Giant Star Class[1] colony ship is a heavy lift space vehicle capable of interstellar flight via wormholes. Colony missions are launched from the Frances R. Scobee Colonial Launch Center, Corpus Christi, Texas.[2]

Ship SpecificationsEdit

The ship is 501 feet long (152.73 meters) and has the capacity to carry 250 colonists and all the supplies, building materials and support equipment necessary to successfully establish a colony on a distant planet.

Colonial OperationsEdit

Colony Ship landing

Landing Sequence

Colony Ships tranistthe vast distances of instellar space through the use of mapped wormholes, beginning in the Sol system and ending at their destination system. Once at their destination, the ship is designed to land on a planet and form the basis of the colony structure until additional buildings and infrastructure can be established.

Colony MissionsEdit


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