The Chig War was an Intergalactic War between the Humans and the Chigs. This was Humanity's First Intergalactic War with an alien race.

Prelude to WarEdit

Human ColonizationEdit

"After 150 years of calling out, the silence of the universe assures us that life is unique. We are alone." - Colonial Governor Borman

Assured in their belief that there was no other sentient life in the universe, humanity prepared several missions to leave Earth and establish colonies on other planets. In 2063, Colony Ships launched carrying 250 colonists each to Vesta and Tellus.[1]

Initial AttacksEdit

Vesta Colony MassacreEdit

Two months after the establishment of the Vesta Colony in the Epsilon Eridani system, the colony was attacked and destroyed by Chig fighters and ground troops.[2]

Tellus Colony MassacreEdit

Tellus Colony Ship under attack

Tellus Colony ship under attack.

After successfully transiting a wormhole to reach the planet Tellus in the Epsilon Indi system, the colony ship had just completed its orbital insertion when it was attacked and destroyed by Chig fighters.[3]

Skirmish on MarsEdit

Shortly after Earth learned of the attacks on the Vesta and Tellus colonies, a Chig spacecraft crashed on Mars in the Hellas Planitia.[4]

Mars mission

Crash on Mars

The crash was observed by a group of USMC recruit officers on a routine training mission to repair a System Tracking Drone. Upon investigating the crash site, the USMC team found a dead alien in the wreckage and were subsequently fired upon by another Chig. The Marines returned fire, eventually capturing the Chig pilot alive. The Chig pilot died several hours later while being held captive.[5]

Major Battles and CampaignsEdit


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