The Chig Asteroid Base is located near The Gauntlet in the Delta Pavonis region of space, 19.92 light-years (6.11 parsecs) from Earth.


The Chigs built a Forward Operating Base in the asteroid field surrounding The Gauntlet from which to attack Earth convoys transporting Helium-3 and other cargo vital to the war effort.

1LT Esau Harriman was deployed in the USS SARATOGA and given a forward reconnaissance mission to locate the Chigs and warn the convoys. He made one report to the SARATOGA and then went silent and was believed to be Killed in Action (KIA).[1]

Several weeks later the Wild Cards were assigned a similar recon mission in The Gauntlet. Vansen, West, and Hawkes were captured by the Chigs and found Harriman alive and working with the aliens as a defector at a secret Chig Base they had established on an asteroid. Harriman tortured Vansen in an attempt to gain information on Earth Forces convoys. When the three Wild Cards managed to free themselves, the Chigs attacked Harriman and left him for dead. He recovered enough to help the Wild Cards escape and then sacrificed himself to blow up their base.[2]

Afterward, Earth Forces established a base in the asteroid belt in order to protect supply convoys from the Chigs.


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