"Shuffle up the Wildcards, and deal 'em..."

– Commodore Ross


The 58th Squadron, also known as the "Wild Cards" is a United States Marine Corps Space Aviator Cavalry squadron, assigned to the 5th Wing. The 58th was formed in 2063, from recruits who graduated from the United States Marine Corps Space Aviator Recruitment Depot in Loxley, Alabama. The newly formed 58th were vital in delaying a Chig fleet from attacking Earth until reinforcements arrived from Groombridge-34. The 58th Squadron, assigned to the carrier USS SARATOGA were on the forefront of several major battles in the Chig War.[1]

Squadron PersonnelEdit


Squadron patch of the 58th Squadron

Commanding OfficerEdit


Squadron SpacecraftEdit


The Wildcards

The 58th Squadron is assigned the SA-43 Endo/Exo-Atmospheric Attack Jet.

Squadron History of Engagements during the Chig WarEdit


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